Best WhatsApp tricks and tips newly found


Whatsapp tricks and tips new method 2016

An outline:

Here in this segment, we are going to lay down some smart tricks regarding using WhatsApp.

Safe to say, everyone on the planet is using it, and so it is all the more important to know about

these tricks. Refer to these cool WhatsApp tricks as well as tips carefully:

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The first trick is to use WhatsApp without a number!

Yes, folks, you have heard it right. Till date, this is among the best WhatsApp tricks used in the

realm. The method is a bit tricky, but it can be done. The trick is to uninstall the application and

again install it onto your mobile device. Download it from your play store and simply disable

your messaging feature and enable your flight mode. Then you will have to open the

application and put your number. However, since you have enabled flight mode, the number

will not get verified and hence the app will ask for some other modes to verify your number.

Just select the check through SMS system and spare your email address. Just click the button as

it is needed to eliminate the authorization process. The main process has started, and you will

be needed to install spoof messaging on your handset. Just go to the outbox and copy all your

messages via the spoof application and dispatch it out for a false verification or spoof

verification. Use the number 447900347295 from your country code and mobile number and

also message your mail id along with using the mentioned details in the spoof message. As this

is sent out, you will be given a fake number which you will be able to use to chat with your


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The second trick is using WhatsApp keeping a watch over your friend’s or partner’s activities.

It is also quite possible to check out your partner’s activities as well as friend’s engagements on

the application. The second WhatsApp tip is to download WhatsApp Spy application which is a

hacking tool. The main purpose of this hacking tool is to survey your friend’s or partner’s or

son/daughter’s WhatsApp account and display their activities, their conversations, their contact

details as well as their shared stuff. The steps are simple, all you have to do is download it from

your play store. It is without any costs and hence can be installed as well as configured without

any issues. In fact, it takes only a few seconds at the max. Then switch off your handset and

again switch it on. Open your application and you will find that your hack tool is ready to run.

The third trick is the password lock trick for WhatsApp:

With WhatsApp being one of the most important applications the necessity of making it secure

is extremely important. The trick is simple. Firs,t you will have to download WhatsApp lock from

your play store. Then install it to your Android handset and set a password to it. With this

application, you have secured your WhatsApp account. Always make sure that the password

which you give is not shared with your friends and also that is something which is difficult to

guess for people who know you.

The fourth trick is to recover lost or deleted messages in WhatsApp:

With this trick, you will be able to recover your lost or deleted messages easily. WhatsApp saves

all your messages on your SD memory card. Just go to SD card –WhatsApp database and there

you will find an encrypted file namely-msgstore.db.crypt file. That comprises of all your

messages which you have dispatched as well as received on that particular day. Just open that

file and get back the message which you want to.

These are some smart WhatsApp tips which you can make use of.