What is WhatsApp Spy?


What is WhatsApp Spy?

WhatsApp : is one of the most popular free messaging tools available in the market. In recent years, its popularity has grown substantially. However, it has also become a convenient platform or cheaters to maintain sweet and illegal relationships. Hence to investigate the truth about your parents or children it is important to make use of WhatsApp spy. It is a spying tool which makes you aware about your kids, your friends as well as your lover’s or boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s activities. This tool is a state of the art invention and has provided liberty to people who are unsure of their close one’s WhatApp activities.


The need for it?

Using WhatsApp Spy App is one of the easiest modes of keeping a close watch on WhatsApp messages and texts. WhatsApp Spy software;  are known for its wonderful features and quality and will easily assist you to keep a watch on what your close people are doing. It will assist you to know exactly what about their group chats, their messages exchanged, their keystrokes as well as videos and pictures. Also one benefit which you will get out of it is that it functions in complete stealth mode and hence remains concealed.

There are many companies who provide WhatsApp Spyware  to their clients, but among them if you go through the reviews of each one of them, you will come across some proficient ones too.

How does it work?

Using WhatsApp Spy App is extremely easy. All you have to do is download the WhatsApp Spy software and install it onto your cell phone. Regarding the installation of WhatsApp spy is only takes a few minutes. But one thing to note is that for the installation as well as the configuration to be successful, you would have your handset in your palms for at least some minutes. As the installation is done, you will find that the aforementioned monitoring activities will initiate. All your logs will be uploaded to your WhatsApp Spyware  account. You will have to log in and check out  your logs having the texts and other activities. These apps are also compatible with BB, iPhone, Windows, Android and etc.


Here are some popular spy applications which you can use.


The first name is MxSpy. It helps you to stay informed about the traded messages which can potentially prove to be perilous. It gives you a parent control feature for your kids smart phones. It also allows you to check on your partner’s activities ensure that he/she is not cheating on you. The app also allows you to screen your representatives and stay up to date about the profits and security information ruptures. The app offers you round the clock assistance and also excellent customer satisfaction. It incorporates 25+ useful features surpassing your wildest expectations. It is also compatible with all mobile OS and is also easy to install and configure.

You can  sign up trial MxSpy   :  Trial whatsapp spy


Number two is Copy9. The software is 100% undetected, helps you to check out any suspicious activity which is carried out over WhatsApp and also has a wonderful GPS tracking location feature It is easy to install and incorporates features such as- tracking internet browsing history, tracking phone as well as messages remotely, key logger and many more. The customer care aid desk is also wonderful and customer satisfaction is also guaranteed.


There are many who regard it as among the top WhatsApp as well as mobile spying software. It downloads and installs easily and is also very compatible with any given mobile OS. It provides you to view call history of your close ones, access their phonebooks, monitors messages as well as MMS texts and many more.


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